Books by D.K. Neville

The Fall

The Fall

Nine years after the economic collapse of the United States, a stoic man with a dark past sets out on a mission. His name is James Vance, and he is a courier. Follow him on his journey across the United States to deliver a very important package…with a very unlikely companion at his side. Bandits, corrupt local governments, and the inherent dangers of surviving out in No Man’s Land…these are all obstacles that Vance must overcome to complete his mission. Once a hardened veteran, Vance becomes more compassionate and noble as his journey unfolds. In a world where everyone seems to have lost their humanity, can James Vance hold onto his?

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World of the Damned (First book in The Chronicles of Thomas Briggs series)

World of the Damned                  Promo 4

Follow Thomas Briggs and his sister, Mindy, as they travel from Seattle to Albuquerque amidst a zombie apocalypse in search of their parents! Watch as Thomas–an architect who is unaccustomed to violence–changes from Mindy’s timid and peaceful brother, to a ruthless and terrifying leader. Many obstacles lie ahead, but Thomas will stop at nothing to keep his sister safe and find their parents!

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Shadow Walker (Second book in The Chronicles of Thomas Briggs series)

shadow walker cover

Thomas Briggs and his crew are back, and they’re finding out that past actions can have dire consequences. Thomas faces a new and strange threat, but he soon figures out that his new adversary isn’t as alien as he originally thought. When the group’s newest enemy threatens to destroy everything they’ve built over the past five months, will Thomas set a new standard for brutality?



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