Romance? Pfft…Not for D.K. Neville

I often dabble with several different storylines at the same time, even while actively writing my next book. It gives me perspective, as well as giving my mind a break from whatever it is that my mind is focused on. Think of it as a change in scenery. Anyway, I am frequently encouraged by others to write a romance novel. The excerpts below are from a romance novel that I plan to write in the near future (yes, you read that right–romance). My typical style is often action & adventure, dystopian, emotional dramas, and fantasy. This will be an attempt to write something I have never written before. Keep in mind that these are excerpts from a book that does not yet exist. I wrote them at random, whenever I felt the impulse to do so, and this is what I have so far. Check it out:

He saw her standing there, under the dim glow of the streetlight. She hadn’t seen him yet. David  stared at her for a long while, his heart racing and his legs feeling weak. As much as he wanted to run up to her, he found that he was completely content just watching her. Her long, soft hair. The way she innocently stood with her hand behind the back of her neck, obviously in deep thought. What was she thinking about? Him, perhaps? A gentle smile spread across David’s face as he watched her gracefully walk across the street. Oh, how he longed to run up to her and wrap her up in his embrace! Lift her feet from the ground and spin her in circles and stare deeply into her eyes until they were both dizzy. Kiss her softly, hold her gently. But none of that could be. The Order would have none of it. She was the daughter of a senator, and he was the son of a factory worker. And even though they had had an intimate moment once long ago, it was still forbidden. Especially now that they were so much older. Running into her the other day had been the worst kind of punishment. Seeing her, remembering her, feeling that old familiar warmth inside his heart. And knowing it would all have to fade away without ever having her. Even if she wanted him, there was nothing either of them could do. David would be thrown in prison. If they happened to make love and The Order somehow found out, he would be exiled and left to wander the Great Divide and die of exposure. Such a horrible death he would face. But perhaps it was worth it? Was it worse than wandering though his life, safe from persecution but suffering from a stabbing pain in his heart?

Later in the book….

Deeply into her eyes he stared, as if all the secrets to all the questions he had ever asked were hidden within. Inside himself he felt a strange sense of peace, and yet a giddy anxiety burned like hot embers alongside it. David was totally consumed by her. This was the first time they had held each other for many years. And yet, it was bittersweet. David was constantly reminded that their love was forbidden every time he looked down and saw the familiar Mark of Aristocracy tattooed on her left wrist. His smile suddenly faded as he gently brushed his thumb across her wrist, across the simple symbol that separated them more than any physical wall ever could. He looked back up to see the glimmer leave her eyes as well. She pursed her lips and looked down at David’s left wrist, at the Mark of Serfdom that was tattooed on it. She suddenly stepped away, bringing her hand to her mouth as she did so. David felt tears fill his eyes. He knew it would be best to just turn and leave each other. More than anything, he wanted her to be safe and happy. And yet… Both of them stepped into each other’s embrace once more, but they did not kiss. It wasn’t necessary. Together they felt complete and right and happy. They simply held each other tightly, as if they were the same soul and words didn’t need to be spoken. It dawned on David that the two of them had actually spoken very little since meeting again by happenstance just a few days prior. It was so strange. He didn’t feel the need to speak to her, not now. For now, all he wanted to do was hold her and feel her warmth, smell her hair and press his face against hers.

This style is obviously much different than The Fall or World of the Damned. If you’re into romance novels, your feedback is welcomed. Comment below and tell me what you think!


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