Why I Write

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out my website and read this post. Life is crazy and full of important things to do, so kudos to you for finding the time. Please note that this website is still under construction. I plan to write posts on a regular basis, so please check back for new content.


Why do we read? We never ask ourselves that question, yet many of us seem to have a very healthy obsession with literature. Even as a writer, it took a long time for me to stumble upon this seemingly odd inquiry. Why do we enjoy cracking open a book and reading its contents? Why do we take so much pleasure in reading about the misfortune (or good fortune) of a particular character? Whether your genre of choice is fantasy, or science fiction, or horror, or any other, there is a single fact that applies to all of them: You desire more. So again, the question is: Why? The answer to that question might be different for us all, and perhaps for some of us there is no single answer. For me, however, there is. While it is true that I have always been a writer, I still had not published (or even attempted to publish) a book until recently. I dabbled in a lot of things, trying to find my niche like every other human being on the planet. I’ve had many hobbies that I have tried out, some of which I still have. But regardless of whatever it was that I was doing for enjoyment, one simple fact always remained: I wanted to inspire.

When we are very young, we are mostly self-serving. We don’t think about anyone else’s needs, and this is completely natural; our minds have not yet developed enough to fully comprehend the desires of others. As we grow, however, that (hopefully) changes. We begin to see that the other people around us are just like ourselves, constantly seeking to please their wants and wishes. There is a fundamental difference that might exist, though, between certain types of people. Most people want nothing more than to succeed–to provide a better life for themselves and their families–and there are a couple of ways one can do that. A person can work hard, do great things, and perhaps even change the world in the process. Then there are those like me, who want only to inspire those people. It is my hope–nay, my dream–to inspire those who read my work, and encourage them to do great things of their own. Sure, I have goals and wishes, and it is my full intention to pursue those things and succeed. But my main focus is to light the spark of inspiration inside of another. That is why I write, that is why I read. I read to gain knowledge, to be entertained, to become inspired myself. And by doing so, I sincerely hope that I can inspire another in turn.

Whether you are young or old, reader or author, never forget to follow the yearning inside you. The yearning that impels you to be a physicist, or architect, or chemist, or car mechanic. Perhaps that yearning drives you to be the next great inspiration for another. All pursuits are good and noble, and all are needed.


–D.K. Neville



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